If you’re selling, how do you get the most out of your house and make the process work for you? How can the right broker boost your prospects, help you secure a good offer, and see you successfully on your way to your next adventure?

Key steps for sellers:

  • Prepare your home for market
  • Sign a listing agreement with your broker of choice
  • List your home and market it
  • Negotiate and sign the offer to purchase
  • Deal with inspections, possible work orders, and the removal of contingencies
  • Prepare to move as the buyer’s loan is processed and final approval is completed
  • Sign closing papers
  • Navigate funding, recording, closing, and saying goodbye

Selling can be complicated. Sometimes you’re organized and ready to go. Other times, you might discover you need to do a lot of cleaning up, staging, de‐cluttering. You might also want to tackle home improvement or deferred maintenance projects. Time frame to sell, motivation, and circumstances, all affect what selling your house will be like.

No matter what your situation is, I’m always happy to work with you to get everything ready for a successful sale. I always have professional photos done—I wholeheartedly believe in them. We’ll get the house just right, prepared for a “show time” moment when it goes to market. My listings tend to sell quickly, and I credit it to houses looking their best before we ever list or show them.

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